Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yo-Yo Update

Well I'd planned to update this yesterday, as that was the one week mark since I'd joined the Great Yo-yo Along. But a rather long story came up, one which involved a three week old kitten, a veterinarian, and these evil things called cuterebras (Google at your own peril); it ended with the decision to bottle-feed the little thing, which though rather a lot of work, isn't nearly as much work at three weeks as it would be if the kitten were newborn. So overall it's going along okay. Did you know a three week old kitten can purr?

But before all that came up I'd been working on the yo-yos steadily and had made some excellent progress. However before I reveal just how many I got done, let me tell you about a dream I once had:

It involved Antonio Banderas. Now, my taste in men is usually so odd that it is truly a miracle when it overlaps with the rest of the planet's; but hey, you know, Antonio Banderas. I find him just adorable, and from the interviews I've seen with him, he sounds like a sweetie who also remarkably enough has a clue.

So in this dream there were several of us women lined up to, well, let's say, have relations with our Mr. Banderas. There was one woman ahead of me in line; I saw her and she was stark staring naked. Antonio looked at her and said, Oh, so you don't shave your yo-yo?

When I woke I had to admit I was unfamiliar with that particular Spanish euphemism.

So now to the (um) anti-climax. This week I got an even one hundred yo-yos made, to put me at 9.9% of the total. I joined this thing a little late, so have figured that if I am to get the required 1008 done by the due date of the end of October (known 'round these parts as Samhain) then I need to get something like sixty-one of them done a week. So, so far so good!

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