Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Giveaway at Feather and Cloth!

Well I entered a contest to win a batch of fat quarters at Feather and Cloth by Girl from Tulsa; and part of the requirement to enter is to blog about it. Well, I'm blogging about it, though this craft and quilt blog of mine is brand new and has probably no readers yet; but anyway, if anyone does see this, it's a lovely blog and a lovely giveaway, so get over there and enter before Sunday the 29th at midnight (not sure what time zone that is, but I'm guessing whichever one is current in Tulsa, Oklahoma). (ETA: Whoops, reading comprehension FAIL. She's actually in West Virginia; she's just from Tulsa. So make that Eastern Daylight Savings Time.)

She has some lovely and inspirational pictures of her new sewing room, something I personally always love to see, as I am in the middle of outfitting a new studio/sewing room myself.