Friday, July 8, 2011

Purple WIP Star Quilt

Holy cow, really? Fourteen quilts begun? Am I mad?

I'm one of those people who is sure good at beginning things, but when it comes to finishing them, not so much.

Well, you know, it's not that I'm lazy (not necessarily, anyway). It's that there are a couple disadvantages I'm working against.

The first is that none of my immediate family gives a flying capital F about quilts, and I don't have any friends who particularly do either, so I am making these quilts pretty much for myself only. The other part of it is that my bed, upon which I would put said quilts, since, as I have remarked in an earlier post, I am an old-fashioned gal and like my quilts to be, well, used and stuff, is king-sized. Of course.

So it's none of these wimpy 60 x 45 inch quilts for me, oh no. My quilts, if they're to look any good at all on my bed have to measure in the triple digits inch-wise.

So I don't know whether all of that is reason, justification, or excuse, but hey. One must obey the Muse. Still, I'd like to get something done to put on my bed, you know? So I thought I'd do some updates now and then as to what I've got going.

This is one I started last month, because I wanted something to go on my bed for the summertime. It was meant to be all in light airy colors, but somewhere in there it went for the dark and rich, which, honestly, is kind of my thing. I'm not a fan of white. Or beige, for that matter.

So here are the fifteen blocks I've got so far of a Northern Star quilt in purples, blacks and the occasional brown. The blocks are about eight inches across and I figure I'll need 132 of them, twelve by eleven. Oh, and as an old-fashioned gal I'm not really a fan of wide borders, either, so I like my quilts with the blocks all the way to the edge. I mean, when it comes to the pure theory of things. We'll see if I change my mind when it comes to practice.

So, inspired by that progress bar with the yo-yos (and I'm up to 41 now), I thought I'd keep track of this quilt with one also. I like watching it go up, you know? So, fifteen blocks out of one hundred and thirty two is 11.4%. Not as much as I would have liked, but still a good chunk.

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