Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm A Yo-Yo

Because I need another work in progress like I need a hole in the head (at last count I had thirteen of the things—works in progress, that is, not holes in the head) I decided to join the Yo-yo Along over at Sew Take A Hike. I think it's the progress bar that did it, frankly.

Unlike the instructions though I'm making them without the yo-yo maker thingie, being an old-fashioned sort. Yo-yo makers? Rotary cutters? Pfffft. Why back in my grandmothers' day we had to use these things called scissors, and if it was good enough for them it is good enough for me. Oh and get off my lawn you damned kids!

Of course that also meant that the first batch I made were a pain in the ass since I didn't know that you were supposed to turn the edge over like a hem as you gathered it. Once I cottoned on to that (via the oh-so-new-fangled Internet) it's been going like a breeze.

So out of the total 1008 (holy cow!) yo-yos that will go into the planned coverlet, I've got twenty done. Wheee!

It's gonna be a while, isn't it.

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