Thursday, October 6, 2011

Civil War Quilt Block Seventeen—Comfort Quilt

And with this one I'm caught up, by which I mean caught up posting the ones I've made, not caught up to the ones posted on the blog itself. By that standard I'm only on April's blocks. So I guess I have some more sewing to do!

The next one is called the Comfort Quilt, because the pattern looks like an old overshot woven coverlet pattern. Brackman uses it to tell the story of the nurses of the Civil War, who comforted the soldiers. And it reminded me that even now, there are drives to make quilts for soldiers so that they have something to comfort them when they are stationed overseas.

I fussy cut the squares in it; however I think my version may be a bit too plain. It would have been nice to have a stripe, maybe, where the burnt sienna brown is:

I am getting a little bored with my fabrics; also I'm starting to get low on them. I guess that means fabric shopping is in my future! Oh no!

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