Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Civil War Quilt Block Fourteen—Fox and Geese

And with this block I'm caught up to the first week of April. That's only six months behind!

It's called Fox and Geese, and Brackman uses it to talk about the start of the Civil War, when Confederate troops took over Fort Sumter in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina in April 1861. South Carolina had been the first state to officially secede from the Union, in late December 1860, when James Buchanan was still president. Though he maintained that states didn't have the right to secede from the Union in the first place, he pretty much left it up to his successor (that would be Abraham Lincoln) to do something about it.

I put the little geese on a blue background to represent the sky; the larger foxes are in foxy shades of red-brown.

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