Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hello Out There

It's an artificial and unnecessarily hierarchical separation, I know, dividing them up into Art (capital A) and craft (lowercase c). I have myself always maintained that if you make it, dammit, it's Art. Knit a sweater, spin some wool, weave that wool, dye that cloth, paint that painting, throw that pot, build that bookcase—all Art. Capital A.

But then I'm pretty sure my patron Goddess is Athena. If She invented it, or She made it it's Art, and, well, who am I to argue?

That said, this is my new craft blog, which I am founding as a separate thing from my Goddessy art blog, Amused Grace. Separate, because the focus is rather different, not because craft is not art.

It will probably be mostly about quilting, with some knitting, natural dyeing, doll and critter making, and maybe even cooking and gardening thrown in. But mostly textiles and fibers, I think. If anything else it will be a way to keep track of all those unfinished object works in progress I've got piling up. Though I should know by now I never have been, and probably never will be, all that organized. Still, hope, you know.

There may be the occasional tutorial, for instance how to do what I did when I re-labeled all the spices in my spice rack to witchy ingredients. I've been cooking with Eye of Newt (allspice) and Bee's Knees (saffron) for years now, and let me tell you it's much more fun.

But always with an eye to the witchy, or, properly, to the Witchy, because that's who I am. A Witch, and a Pagan, and a Goddess worshiper (and writer-about, and painter-of).

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